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We're partnering with select high-impact brands and retailers to share our deep insight into product design, strategy, supply chain automation, and real-world AI use cases.

First DALL·E 2 Partner

We've been on the forefront of generative AI adoption, with the first public DALL·E 2 integration and new GPT-4 powered communication features.

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Strategy consulting + tactical support with the design, engineering, and implementation of custom AI systems.
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Figen P.


A language model fine-tuned on hundreds of examples of ideal design, development & production related conversations, to help your team communicate better than ever before.

The fashion exec’s guide to generative artificial intelligence

"Cala became one of the first to integrate Dall·E technology into its product offering."

AI Is Designing Clothes Now

"Users of Cala’s AI tools can generate new clothing designs from text descriptions or upload a reference image to produce variations on it."

This AI-for-fashion lets you launch and run a clothing line with just a prompt

"I used a platform called CALA deploys AI and machine learning to streamline the entire fashion supply chain, from brainstorming designs to manufacturing products and pricing them."

OpenAI CTO Mira Murati on building ChatGPT

"Designers from top brands are quietly experimenting with Cala’s Dall·E tool, sometimes pushing the boundaries with their wildest inputs. Wyatt reports that new users have been signing up for Cala at six times the prior rate."

The Complete Playbook for Generative AI in Fashion

"Use AI to go way wider than you would necessarily go before, just due to the manpower of sketching out that many ideas, and then the role of the user becomes more than ever an editor"

What Will AI Mean for Fashion?

"You can iterate very quickly through and idea without ever needing to sketch something," said "Instead of drawing on the back of a napkin at a coffee shop or bar, you could just start rendering a real garment"

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Consulting + tactical support with the design, engineering, and implementation of custom AI systems.

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In the next three to five years, generative AI could add $150 billion, conservatively, and up to $275 billion to the apparel, fashion, and luxury sectors’ operating profits, according to McKinsey analysis.
Using tools from tech companies such as Cala… designers are already tapping into the power of generative AI to spark new ideas, try myriad design variations without having to produce expensive samples, and vastly accelerate their processes.
- McKinsey & Company