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Unlock your brand's fullest potential with CALA for Teams. An entirely new way to scale and run your fashion brand. Featuring a streamlined workflow to enable your team to collaborate better, ship faster, and launch world-class products at scale.

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Backed by a team of industry experts

Our team has decades of experience working with world-class fashion brands.

"Y,IWO is a small team, so the beauty of working with CALA is I can focus on Brand, Creative, and Product—which I love—and let CALA handle the tactical execution—development, production, logistics, coding the website, fulfillment, and returns."

Jason Thome
Founder @ Y,IWO

Run your fashion brand like never before

Teams by CALA is a dedicated workspace that makes it easy for your brand to collaborate, design, produce, and deliver fully-custom fashion products. Together, your team can easily collaborate within the context of whatever you're working on.

Real time collaboration

Notifications, @ mentions, comments and attachments all updating in real-time make communicating with your team and global supply-chain quick, efficient, and even a bit of fun.

Access control

Bring your entire team, and make sure everyone has the right level of access. Professional plans support unlimited team members and external users collaborating in real-time.

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Real time reviews

In-app approvals for each element of a product provide an entirely new level of transparency into your development and production process. Never use email or outdated PLMs again.

Automated costing

Payments are streamlined and simple with only one card needed for all your editors. Automated costing for your team's collections is included for free with all Professional plans, saving you time and money.

"The CALA platform is a new way of working that initially sounded too good to be true, but it’s transformed the way we think about managing our global supply chain. We’re a distributed team, so asynchronous communication is crucial."

Nina Faulhaber
Co-Founder @ ADAY

Sustainability without compromise

We are committed to making conscious decisions in design, materials, and packaging to produce goods that cause the smallest social, economic and environmental footprint.


Our biggest fundamental impact on sustainability is enabling designers to only produce the quantity that they think they can sell.

Sustainable partners

We have specifically sourced, vetted and onboarded factories around the world that have a commitment to sustainability.

Economies of scale

As we grow our client base and the overall scale of our production volume we gain the leverage to require more from our manufacturing partners from a sustainability and social responsibility perspective.

Carbon offset

Starting in the summer of 2020 we are now carbon neutral for all CALA related shipment, as well as, all shipments to customers on our clients' behalf.