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 If your manufacturing has been impacted by Coronavirus, we're opening up access to our “CREATOR” tier for free, effective until June 1, 2020, so you can restart your production via our non-impacted manufacturing partners. To leverage CALA’s “CREATOR” tier, the only requirement is that you have fully developed product technical specs at the time of signup.
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Our system intelligently matches you to the right manufacturer

Our elite manufacturers span from New York City to Delhi.

Our partners have worked with brands big and small — from Yeezy to Gucci.

We give you a direct communication channel with partners on our platform.

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World Class Partners

50+ Manufacturers

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A global manufacturing network

CALA specializes in providing industry leading production and manufacturing capabilities for influencers and brands.

Our elite manufacturers, fabric mills, design consultants and development houses span from New York City to Delhi.


What happens to our account after june 1st?

CALA specializes in speeding up the time it takes to get your products to market –the typical timeline for our project completion is 70 days. If the production of a project is not complete by June 1, 2020, we will honor the free access to our CREATOR tier through project completion when it is shipped to a location of your choosing. Free access is non-transferrable and only applies to collections submitted on or before June 1, 2020.

Are there restrictions on size of production run/MOQs?

No, there are no restrictions on the size of the production run. CALA partners with different types of factories across the globe and will source your project based on production type and size or order. All of our factories are strictly vetted and have been used by major fashion houses including Gucci, Yeezy, Burberry and more.

How do I get started?

Complete the form on this page to contact our team and an account representative will be in touch to get an overview of your project. You will be required to create a CALA account login and upload all of your production specs

What types of production can you assist with?

We can assist with the production of any type of fashion garment or accessory, including socks, hats, and swimwear. 

How will I approve samples?

Through CALA, you receive direct communication with our partners. You will be shipped all components, as well as, a final sample to approve in hand before production begins every aspect of production through completion.

Where are your manufacturing partners located?

We have 50+ production partners in 10 countries around the world that specialize in varying aspects of fashion production so that we can pair each project with the best-fit partner for their needs.